• founder-image Our TeamIahweh Records

    Cornelius Lacey & Kartez Harris
    Chief Executive Officers / Co-Founders

    Iahweh Records has a deep commitment and passion for music, specifically R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop. Constructing Iahweh Records from the ground up has taken not only discipline, but also dedication and loyalty, which are synonymous with our reputation.

    IahWeh (pronounced “I-ah-way”) Records aspires to become one of the greats in the industry, like Motown in its heyday, as a premier record label that produce an array of talented musicians with a solid fan base and consistent chart-topping hits.

    Iahweh is deeply committed to producing outstanding music and artist, and we have a strong network of associates. Without our fan base, the success of IahWeh Records would be nonexistent. We think of IahWeh Records as having the most talented and motivated independent artists. We are very versatile as an independent label and have the potential to be one of the best, if not the number 1, selling label in the industry.