Artist Biography

Like the meaning of his name, Alpha, is on the cusp of the beginning of his destiny as a hip-hop artist. It has been his dream to be a rich, famous rapper, he says.

His inspirations were his sister, Jae Tweet; older cousin and fellow artist, Guilty; and rappers, Chester and Temper, whom he often heard free styling to instrumentals. Their example, apparently brought out what he knew was already in him - an incredible gift for spitting bars.

"Everybody in Iahweh grew up together, and we've been knowing each other since grade school and we all had the same dream," he said.

Other inspirations include rappers Scarlet and Don Trip. You may even catch him playing Drake, Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole, some of his favorites, but he avoids copying their styles, like other artists. He prefers maintaining his own identity, avoiding basic talk in his music (e.g. riding on rims, shooting up, etc.). He says he can't relate to hip hop today.

"I try to be me, so people can't compare me," he said. "I'm original, not a copy of nobody. I just do me. What I want people to know they will hear it in my raps, even if it's embarrassing."

Some of his accolades include opening for Yo Gotti, and opening for Z-ro at Club Cocos in Orlando, FL.

Overall, he doesn't think he has scratched the surface of the industry. Despite this, he continues to work toward his initial dream.

"All we had to do is believe. So, if anybody got dreams yo u need to chase it and believe in it."