C-Neil “Da MVP”

Artist Biography

Rapper, writer and producer, C-Neil Da MVP, may be best sum med up in three words: "One Stop Shop."

With more than 25 years in the business, C-Neil Da MVP has bec ome a force to reckoned with for his versatile style, business savvy and innovative skills as a rap/hip hop entrepreneur and artist. His name implies Most Valuable Player, as his peers coined him for his rapping and produc tion skills.

The St. Louis-based, Blytheville, AR native first immersed hi mself in the music scene at age 15, mostly rapping and producing at the time. The youngest of eight kids, his rough upbringing under the wings of older nieces and nephews was his inspiration to change life for himself and his family.

At 16, he relocated to Atlanta to work with an assigned artist/producer on the Arista label, which enabled him to hone his musical talents and knowledge of the industry. By 18, his music "hustle" led him to a number of showcases in Arkansas, St. Louis, and Atlanta, such as the Royal Peacock, where he was well-received by critics. Industry pros also gave him serious nods following a performance of his song, "Ms. Gimme," at the Urban Network Festival in Memphis.

Most notably, he has performed on the same bill as former Thr ee Six Mafia members, Crunchy Black and La Chat, and produced tracks for the solo album of Jason Champion, formerly of the R&B group, Men at Large.

Like his influences, Kanye West, Dr. Dre and Timbaland, C-Nei l Da MVP is a self-professed businessman, who has invested in himself personally, professionally and financ ially. The result has been the founding of his production studio, MV Productions, located just outside of Memphis. It is through MV Productions that he works his musical genius for himself and others.

With years of music know-how, C-Neil Da MVP has one foot in and one foot out the door, branching into a future that includes the best of both worlds.