Guilt Bingham

Artist Biography

Guilt Bingham, whose government name is Dewayne Bingham Jr., was born in Peoria, IL. Around age 10, his family moved into the Hearn section of Blytheville, a small neighborhood named after a street deep on the west side.

The young tyke developed an interest in rap and hip hop, but couldn't stay away from the lure of the streets, always into trouble. His peers coined him Guilty, because of his antics. As fate would have it, he had his calling and turned his troubles into a positive. In addition to rapping, he could sing. He dropped the "y" and added his last name to reflect his adult status.

The 24-year-old, known for his proper southern lingo, is a book to be judged by more than its cover. Guilt's combination of street smarts and a college education are the backbone for his creative writing abilities as an effective lyricist.

His younger cousin, Alpha, is also part of the Iahweh family. This father and son has been in the background of underground music for years. It is safe to say, he will likely take the music industry by storm.