Artist Biography

Working his way up the music chain, Iahweh's Melman competed i n numerous talent shows and competitions all while he was in school. He joined the likes of sister, Jae Tweet , brother, Alpha, and cousin, Guilt Bingham.

His zest and yearning for placement in the industry has also l ed to talent shows and competitions in Little Rock, AR, to Miami, FL. Melman also won the coveted first place aw ard in a talent show in the music capital of South, Atlanta.

Melman sets himself apart from the competition, with lyric s so edgy and perfected, he has overridden all of his opponents. Although he has been all over the US taking on the compe tition and taking the lead, he has proven he is a force to be reckoned with, unscathed and unfazed, chal lenging any competitor in his path.