Ro Jacobs

Artist Biography

When making plans in your life, you only see what you plan; never really looking beyond what you see within your own vision. That passion and motivation alone can drive anyone to do exactly what is within their life's goal.

These are the spoken words of twenty-seven-year-old, Jonathan Jacobs, born and bred in Blytheville. Once called J-Ro (and a few variations of the name), he gradually dropped off letters with time, becoming Ro. The self-proclaimed versatile, Southern rapper also says his name comes from a wine his parents drank that was of the same name. His drive and motivation come from a support system of family and loved ones who embrace his dreams, goals and accomplishments. Some of them on this very label, including Guilt Bingham, Alpha and others.

My family started before me. I'm a late bloomer," he said.

Ro is no dummy. Unlike many who make a living off entertainment, he set his sights on the "what-if" factor of his budding career, considering the addition of a post-secondary education. After high school, he attended Arkansas State University, with aspirations of becoming a computer technician.

In the end, he didn't finish college. Instead, he put pen to paper starting his trek as an artist.

When I got back from college, I had a lot on my mind. I just put pen to paper".

Ro avoids the cliché topics of women, clubs and the streets. He categorizes his style as real life/reality. The end result is you get Ro the artist, man and entertainer in the truest form.